Fiberglass Laminate Shingles

asphaltIf you are thinking about a new asphalt shingle roof and want the full protection offered by a shingle manufacturer’s warranty, then you face the following challenge:

Hiring a roofing contractor who is capable of designing and installing a roof system in accordance with a manufacture’s specific warranty requirements.  

The warranty period offered by the shingle manufacturer, whether 30, 40, 50 years or even lifetime, is based on shingle performance when tested under the conditions defined in their installation requirements.

Inadequate and unbalanced soffit to roof ventilation is the most frequently ignored or misunderstood requirement for material warranty.

Shingle manufacturers cannot be held liable if the contractor installing the shingles is not aware or chooses not to install the shingles in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation requirements.

At Westcoast Roofing Systems we install to manufacturers’ requirements. Westcoast has the rare distinction of being a Certain Teed Select Master Shingle Installer. Certain Teed is a leading shingle manufacturer in the North American roofing industry.

View CertainTeed’s Roofer’s TrackRecord™ for our company.

Certain Teed provides Westcoast customers with a limited 25 year non-prorated workmanship warranty, as well as extending the coverage on their material warranty. Westcoast Roofing Systems has earned the unique ability within the industry to provide this value to its customers.