Metal Panel Systems

metal-roofsWe work with several types of metal roofing materials, including copper, galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum and silicon-coated steel.

Metal roofs panels are made with a high percentage of recycled metal and are recyclable.

Types of metal roofing materials

  • Copper has been used to protect buildings for thousands of years because of its corrosion resistance, low maintenance and long life performance.
  • Galvanized steel is a more cost-effective option when compared to a copper roof, but is not as durable. It requires coatings to resist corrosion and is higher in maintenance.
  • Zinc, aluminum and silicon-coated steel are more expensive then galvanized steel, but provide corrosion resistance without the reliance of coatings.

Metal roofs come in different forms, including standing seam panels, snap lok panels, flat seam panels, tiled panels and individual tiles of various sorts. Insulation or a vented panel system is recommended to counteract the high heat conductivity of metal roof systems.

Metal roofs are mostly water shedding roof systems that rely on secondary roof underlayments. However, for an additional cost, we can weld the seams of metal roofs on site to create a waterproof roof system.

At Westcoast we take pride in our experience and knowledge of metal roof designs and the quality of our installations.